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What Happened in 2015?

Wow, 2015 has been an eventful year!

Aside from all the Toastmasters Adventures you can read about in my other posts, there were sub-contracting adventures, a variety of presentation and workshop adventures, plenty of learning opportunities (formal and informal), and a multitude of wonderful people.

I have been fortunate to know and work with many amazing people this year, from librarians to IT professionals, journalists to accounting staff, emergency management experts to fellow consultants, and more! My colleagues, clients, friends, and family all contributed to making this a great year for Essential Explorations.

Initially, I had intended to give you details in this post. However, as I sat down to write the post after collecting information on what I’ve been up to for the last year, I realized it would be incredibly boring to read. Or maybe overwhelming and confusing. I’ve only been able to make sense of it with something that vaguely resembles a Gantt Chart of projects, sub-projects, and other activities.

Other than being rather colorful because I like to color-code, it’s pretty dry stuff.

How about a brief overview with some numbers instead (I’ll throw in the colors for good measure)?

  • 30+ trainings attended (20 or so were webinars) on topics ranging from innovative coaching styles to using improv techniques at work, from a library conference to a conference specifically for women who own businesses, from developing blended learning courses to business-related webinars, and other topics that tickled my fancy sometime during 2015
  • 11 News-and-How-Tos posts written and posted by Leslie and guest authors (including this one)
  • 7 workshops presented for the Washington State Library on “Communication in the Midst of Change” (at locations throughout the state)
  • 3 sub-contracting projects completed (one extended into 2016, but the initial contract was completed in 2015)
  • 2 presentations co-presented with Jennifer Fenton at library conferences (WLA and PNLA) on “Embracing Change”
  • 1 full-day presentation co-presented with Jennifer Fenton for LiFE (Leadership is For Everyone) on “Essential Leadership”
  • 1 article written, submitted, and accepted for publishing (still awaiting publishing)
  • 1 conference presentation idea seeded, worked on, and soon-to-be-presented (co-presenting with Crystal Schimpf) for ALA MidWinter on “Sustainable Staff Development: 5 Steps to Create a Culture of Learning”
  • Countless coffees, networking sessions, meetings, calls, emails, doodles, aha moments, trips to Seattle, bathtub working sessions (have you seen Trumbo? I want his setup), and wonderful, wonderful people

Well, goodbye 2015. You were filled with interesting, suspenseful moments and engaging, inspirational moments as well. I am excited for what 2016 has in store for me and for Essential Explorations. I imagine it will be just as eventful.


*fireworks image from Erad at Pixabay

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