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Short and Sweet

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

The whirlwind of life swept me up and I have been swirling around in my own major change experience for a while now. I have not officially closed Essential Explorations because I haven’t had the heart to do so. I am also still available for small projects, so feel free to reach out to me. I did fix some problems with my contact form, so if you tried to reach me before and didn’t hear back, please try again.

I have also been lax in keeping the website updated and functional. Writing this post has been challenging because of silly issues with my post editor. I am considering making some changes to keep this site available as a resource. I think there is a lot of good content on here that is worth keeping available for people, regardless of where life takes me. I am also considering shifting the purpose of this site (and of Essential Explorations) to be more of a resource with great blog posts.

Practicing what I preach — I am communicating my status and foibles before I have a solid solution in place. If I am going to expect managers and executives to communicate with staff when the answer is “I don’t know yet,” then I better be willing to do the same.

In summary, I don’t know what’s next. I am still exploring the terrain. And, I am here and I care deeply about all of you.

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