Time Travel

Oftentimes we have to travel into the past and explore relevant history to get unstuck from entrenched patterns that are holding us captive. Those patterns are there for a reason. They served a purpose at one point in time, but if they are no longer serving a useful purpose it is time to find out why they are there and how to move past them. This takes time travel explorations.

When someone asks, “why do you do such and such process that way?” it may be time to answer with something other than “because it has always been done that way.” Why has it always been done that way? Sure, it made sense when the process was started, but how much has changed since then? Internally, your tools (e.g. technology) and people (e.g. staff) may have changed. Externally, your industry standards, community, and environment may have changed. What about your processes and structures? Have they kept up?

Sometimes long-standing workplace feuds can last for generations. How is it that Group A does not work well with Group B even though none of the original people are in either group? Trans-generational stories may be at work. When did the feud begin and why? Is it relevant anymore? What needs to happen to resolve a long-standing feud that is continuing because of informal onboarding processes that train new staff to resent other staff? There may be structures in place that help to maintain the feud.

In order to help you get unstuck, we may spend time exploring relevant history along with exploring your ideal future. Time travel explorations have proven helpful in many scenarios. And having a time travel guide helps to make sure you do not get stuck in the past or the future.

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