Systems Perspective

If you find yourself mired in details, stuck in the weeds, or unable to think about anything beyond your next meeting, you might need help seeing other perspectives. Although it is important to have the details, they can block your view of the big picture if you let them. Perspective-shifting is a helpful tool for getting unstuck. Seeing your system at multiple levels is like changing the magnification of your lens. Each level of magnification is useful in its own way.

Another case where you may need help with a systems perspective is if you have a problem that keeps coming back no matter what you do to fix it. A systems perspective can help determine what processes and structures are keeping the problem entrenched. Even seemingly unrelated processes and structures can contribute to stuckness in a particular area. The whole system works together as an entity, so any lasting change needs to be supported by the whole system. And to make that happen, a systems perspective is vital.

Remember, businesses are not machines and people are not cogs. We work and play in complex systems that have an integrity all their own. Changes cannot be based on a 2-dimensional blueprint and progress is not linear. We need to take a 4-dimensional look at a organizations to see them from all angles over time.

For more information on the Essential Explorations method for seeing 4D, peruse the Method page. There is a slideshow that walks you through the steps for seeing a system over time, and if you are feeling especially adventurous, you can explore even more on that page.

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