Stuck in an Elevator

Are you impatient for something to happen? Have you completed everything you can and now you are stuck waiting for someone (or something) to continue the process so you can take the next step? If so, you may be stuck in an elevator. The good news is: the doors have to open at some point (even if it requires calling maintenance or the fire department).

Girl in elevator by colematt

The following are signs of being stuck in an elevator:

  • There is nothing to be done except wait, and it may be driving you buggy.
  • You think you are moving in the right direction but will not know until the ride stops at your destination.
  • You have butterflies in your stomach and are checking your progress so often that time seems to be crawling.
  • Any effort to speed up the process (button mashing anyone?) is likely to stall or stop your progress.
  • The mechanism controlling your ascent (or descent) is out of sight and out of your control.


If you are still not sure whether you are experiencing this type of stuckness or not, you can take the Stuckness Quiz now. Or, feel free to contact Essential Explorations to get started on exploring the essentials, regardless of what kind of stuckness you are experiencing!


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