Stuck at a Wall

Have you been making good progress and then suddenly hit a seemingly insurmountable obstacle? Does it seem like you have hit a ceiling, a plateau, or a dead-end? These are all different forms of the wall. Some walls are obvious and visible once you hit them. Others are harder to see, and thus harder to deal with.

The following are signs of being stuck at a wall:

  • You see no way to move forward.
  • Nothing you do seems to get you anywhere.
  • You are putting in the same amount of work but your progress has come to an abrupt halt.
  • Immense amounts of bureaucracy or other process blockages have not only slowed your progress, but stopped it altogether.
  • You were going at supersonic speed with your progress and then suddenly fell on your metaphorical derrière, stunned and confused about what just happened.



If you are still not sure whether you are experiencing this type of stuckness or not, you can take the Stuckness Quiz now. Or, feel free to contact Essential Explorations to get started on exploring the essentials, regardless of what kind of stuckness you are experiencing!


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