Research and Analysis

There are a variety of types of research: some happens in a lab, some involves skilled use of search terms and advanced features in search engines and journal databases, and some is done in the real world with real people in real situations. I have done them all.

I have a background comprised of education in Psychology and Biology, work experience in libraries, and recent experiential education in Organizational Psychology from an institution that requires hands-on experience in Participative Action Research. All of these things combined mean I have a fairly well-rounded background in different forms of research and data analysis.

How does this translate into helping you get unstuck?

Research is a way to gather and analyze information to help you get clear about your self (individual, team, or whole organization) and your context (industry, community, environment). Utilizing this information allows you to look at a situation from multiple angles and levels of perspective. Getting a complete picture of yourself and your surroundings, including both the big picture and the details, is vital to moving forward successfully.

Whether you need external research, such as industry benchmarks and other standards, or internal research, such as data collection on your processes, procedures, communication structures, or other internal elements, I can help.

Get unstuck with Research and Analysis now!