Essential Workshops

Essential Explorations offers a number of Workshop options. Each can be modified to fit a one-hour, half-day, or full-day workshop scenario. For the most comprehensive and fully experiential training experience, we strongly recommend a half-day or full-day for most topics.

Here are a few examples of our Essential Workshops:

Communication in the Midst of Change


Changes in libraries can have a large impact on staff, customers, and other stakeholders. Something as small as rearranging a few chairs and tables can lead to strained interactions if change is not communicated well. What about the larger changes, then?

The tools and processes for communicating change are similar whether the change is minuscule or enormous. So, whether you are dealing with customers who have a hard time adjusting to changes in their environment (e.g. rearranged furniture) or staff who are trying to maintain high levels of service in the midst of major changes (e.g. moving to a new building), good communication is imperative at every level of the library.

Essential Leadership


Leadership and management skills may overlap, but they are not the same. In this workshop, we use different methods to demonstrate that leadership is for everyone, whether they have formal authority or not.

We explore the differences between leadership and management and engage in relevant discussions about successful leadership strategies. Participants walk away with ideas on how they can engage in leadership behaviors with or without formal authority.

***This workshop is sometimes co-facilitated with one of my favorite librarians***

Embracing Change When it’s Happening To You


We live in a world of rapid change and increasing complexity. Each of us has a choice of how to respond to these changes, either proactively or reactively.

We will discuss a few examples of how libraries and staff have responded to this increasing level of change. Then, we will provide an opportunity for you to learn how to build your resiliency and turn anxiety into excitement. And, finally, we will debrief and recap what we learned.

***This workshop is sometimes co-facilitated with one of my favorite librarians***

Exploring Communication with the Perplexing Other: When Introverts and Extraverts Collide


With the publishing of Susan Cain’s book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, introversion has become a hot topic.

Yet, misunderstandings between introverts and extraverts are still incredibly common. At best, these misunderstandings are perplexing, and at worst they lead to tense and hostile interactions.

We will explore the “other,” learning to put ourselves in each other’s shoes and become at least a little less perplexed and frustrated. This training is for both introverts and extraverts and will include both humorous and serious examples of miscommunications. You will walk away with tools for perspective-shifting, a newfound appreciation for the “other,” and a better understanding of how to prevent destructive misunderstandings.