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Play Conference

Before Essential Explorations became an official entity, Leslie was involved in a B-Corporation simulation. Play It Forward is a Benefit Corporation, meaning it has a Triple Bottom line. Rather than merely focusing on making a Profit, Benefit Corporations focus as much on their impact on People (internal: staff, and external: the community) and the Planet.

As Play It Forward’s Chief Operations Officer, Leslie was responsible for making sure the organization met its Triple Bottom Line goals: being profitable, treating employees with respect and dignity, giving back to the community, and minimizing environmental impact. Our company decided to focus on producing an educational conference to infuse play into people’s lives, especially their work-lives.

The vision behind our conference was to create educational experiences that enable the exponential growth of play and playfulness, to foster breakthroughs in innovation, productivity, and achieving organizational results. Our expectation was that through playful experiences in conference workshops, individuals and communities will be able to incorporate play as a positive force in all areas of life. Ultimately, our team found that well-designed play leads to deeper connections, better health, and stronger, more innovative organizations, and a whole lot of productive fun.

The conference was such a resounding success that we have been asked by numerous people if we will be doing another one, and received requests from play experts to be able to present at our future conferences. At this time, we do not have specific plans to put on another play conference.

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