The Essentials of Essential Explorations
Internal Insight– the insight that comes from exploring values, historical patterns, and driving forces.
External Awareness– the awareness that comes from exploring contextual supports, limitations, and other factors.
Future Vision– creating a Vision for the future, one that is grounded in reality and still reaches for ideals.
Research & Analysis– collecting more data, looking at different perspectives, considering the inconsiderable.
Strategic Planning– creating a strategy for reaching toward the Future Vision, including sub-goals, a timeline, and the larger plan.
Unstuckness– the end result of our work together is for you to become unstuck in order to do what you do best.

Essential Explorations Method


For a more in-depth explanation of the fundamental research and philosophy informing Essential Explorations, as well as a more thorough explanation of the Essential Explorations Method, feel free to read (or skim) this semi-academic paper. It is labeled “semi-academic” because most Academics would consider it too personal and informal and most non-Academics would consider it overly academic. It has been shortened, thus some of the references in the Reference list do not appear in the shortened document. If you are interested in seeing the full document, please use the contact form here to send a message.