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Light at the End of the Tunnel

light at the end of the tunnelFor those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, there is light at the end of the the bleak tunnel of darkness. The darkest day is nearly upon us (December 21st, to be more precise). After that we get to have light again!

I read recently that the sun appears to be in the same location in the southernmost portion of the sky for about 3 days after the solstice and then appears to be moving northward around December 25th.

The sun seems to be saying, “I might not return north. It might be nice to stay down here in the southernmost part of the sky. I may just stay down here forever… JUST KIDDING! I cannot believe you thought I would stay down here! I am on my way back. See you soon!” What a tease.

However, is that not how we experience our darkest days, hours, and months in life? It often seems the light will never return. And the longer we sit in the tunnel of doom, the pit of despair, the abyss of confusion and darkness, the harder it is to believe the light will return to us.

space-158102_640And yet, we know the sun will return to us after the longest night of the year. Can we have the same faith that we will emerge from our own dark times to find a renewal of the light? Does the cycle of the seasons apply to us as well? Do we have our own rhythms of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter? It would sure seem so.

Have you ever noticed the similarities of epic stories and myths, how the arc of the story follows a familiar pattern? If not, look into the Hero’s Journey and see if you can apply it to your favorite stories. In the very most basic sense, it is a circular pattern of death and rebirth (with lots of complications in between).

From our limited human view in which the Earth is the center of the Universe (despite our scientific knowledge telling us otherwise), the Sun takes a similar cyclical journey through the sky. And it is about to be reborn anew, bringing back the light. Just give it a few days.

I was recently reminded by Sally Fox that we are all living our very own Legends. We are on our own Epic Journeys. Learning to tell our own stories can help us to see where we are in the journey and keep in mind the light at the end of the tunnel.

There is hope. The light will return. And we will come out of our tunnels of doom, pits of despair, and abysses of confusion and darkness. Whichever you find yourself in, and whenever you find yourself there, just remember that the darkness is not forever. The Sun will make its way back to us.woman sunrise

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