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Keeping it Real While Embracing Change

I have seen my favorite movie over a dozen times. It never fails to do what good movies do: 1) entertain, 2) bring light to an essential subject (in this case, existence), and 3) inspire the viewer to think about things a little differently.

I own very few DVDs of feature films and at least half of them were gifts. I think I have about nine in total, and my favorite movie is one of them. I have had it for about ten years now.

So, when I received a package of gifts from my mother and noticed a DVD in there of my favorite movie I was surprised and puzzled. I first wondered if she had borrowed it and was returning it along with some gifts she was sending. I did not remember lending it to her, but stranger things have happened.

I went to where I store my DVDs and found my copy exactly where I expected it to be. And the one in the package was still in the package. Two. I had two copies of my favorite movie. What in the world was I going to do with two copies of a DVD?

Keeping it real with an old library due date slipOf course, my first thought was, “I wonder if I can get a sticker that says ‘Circulation Copy’ from the library. And what about a date due slip.” Then of course I had to laugh. Who would create a “Circulation Copy” of a DVD in a personal library? And where would I get a date due slip? Most libraries I know do not even have those anymore.

It conjured up memories of the satisfaction of actually stamping the date within the tiny box that was supposed to contain the date. Not all date-stamp stamps are easy to line up properly, and not all people who stamp dates appreciate the beauty of a perfectly aligned date (as can be seen in the image to the right).

It also brought home the fact that libraries are in my veins forevermore. It is times like these that I realize just how much I love libraries, and not just the nostalgic historic view of libraries  either.

Libraries all over the world are doing amazing things with limited resources, limited staff, and various other constraints. Many are embracing change while making sure not to lose what makes them who and what they are. You really have to know who you are, deep down, to make drastic changes without losing yourself in the process. I see libraries (and library staff) doing this every day. It is inspiring and exciting.

Even as I enjoy the nostalgia of the way things were, I am excited to see what is next. I love libraries that are keeping it real while embracing change. It’s not as easy as many of them make it appear.

So, what about that movie? At this point, you may be wondering what happened to that “copy 2” DVD of my favorite movie. Well, right now it is out on loan. But if you’d like to place a hold on it, let me know.

P.S. Thanks, mom, for reminding me what a library nerd I am by inadvertently sending me a second copy of my favorite movie. A coincidence? Perhaps not. It might be a matter for the Existential Detectives.

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