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In the Midst of Transformation: The Good, the Bad, and the Call

It has been far, far too long since my last blog post. After many a start, pause, start, pause, delete, start again, twirl, I am finally publishing a new one. And in it, I have good news and I have bad news. Let’s start with the bad news, just to get it out of the way.

The Bad

I have not had much time to focus on Essential Explorations since I started working on big projects up north for a different consulting firm. That means less blog writing, less progress on my innovative ideas, and less interaction with all of you. It also means I have lost my focus by getting lost in busy-ness, which I am not keen on. Much needed updates to the website have been put on hold, despite my Web Developer’s readiness to get moving on upgrading and redesigning the whole thing. I’m lucky she is so patient with me. And, well, my own essential explorations have been put on a simmering back burner.

The Good

Despite all the setbacks, I still have fabulous ideas swirling around in the fog of my brain. My lack of focus has proven to be useful in some ways because it has allowed me to consider and incubate ideas that may not have come to the surface otherwise. My subconscious is cooking up all kinds of interesting tidbits that I think will turn into a delectable meal in the end. For now, the ideas need to marinate and steep (I guess we’re having tea with our meal?). Who knows, maybe they will spring, fully-formed, from the morass of busy-ness like Pegasus sprang from Medusa. Wow, what a mix of metaphors.

The Call for Action

Here’s where you come in. This is your chance to help shape future explorations. What would you like to see? What gaps are you noticing in your workplaces during instances of change and transformation? Where do you need the most support during your own transformations? Comment or send me a message. I’d love to hear from you! I am still checking Twitter, Facebook, this website, Essential Explorations email, and so forth, even when I am not producing new articles for the News-and-How-Tos.

I think the lesson is “Don’t be afraid to let ideas incubate, marinate, and steep while you work on more mundane matters.” Or maybe it’s to communicate more even when there is nothing exciting to report. Who knows?

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