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Adjusting to Workflow

Try as I might, I am unable to maintain the same investment of time, energy, and creativity for the News and How-Tos as I have been over the last couple of months. Despite my best laid plans, somehow all of my projects with clients have ramped up at the same time. I do not know if it is Murphy’s Law or some other law of inevitability, but it is the reality of the situation.

Regardless, I have decided to follow advice I would have given to any client. It is important to be practicing what I preach–

  1. Check in with the system: How is it doing? Is it able to maintain values in the midst of extra pressure and changes?
  2. Check in with a contextual view of the system: What external factors are affecting the system or expected to affect the system in the near future? What constraints and bolstering forces are at play? Where is the system positioned and where does it want to be?
  3. Look at the big picture: Strategically and holistically look at how parts of the system are working together AND look at the larger timeline
  4. Rearrange, reprioritize, and reinvent as necessary. In the world of ambiguity, flexibility is a must.

When I check in with the Essential Explorations system and with myself, one major value that keeps coming up is quality. Therefore, rather than completely scrapping quality standards in order to keep posting every week (which would reduce the quality I am able to give to my current clients and to readers of the News and How-Tos), I have decided to change the frequency of posts.

When I check in with a contextual view, I see the potential for ongoing unpredictable workloads and overlapping contracts. I also see the potential for doing more research and publishing some in-depth articles now and then, which will be much more possible when publishing less frequently.

juggle qualityWhen I look at the big picture, I make note of where the News and How-Tos blog fits in the grand scheme of the business, overall communications, and information-sharing. It is one piece of a much larger puzzle, and cutting back frequency while maintaining quality seems to be the best option.

And, finally, I know I will be continually rearranging, reprioritizing, and reinventing as I go. Part of that is reinventing the News and How-Tos to fit the needs of the system and its context (including readers, clients, contributors, and so on). I am sure it will change again in the future as needs, resources, and technologies change. How exciting!

For now, expect to see:

  • A regular post on the News and How-Tos twice per month
  • A guest author post once every other month

If that seems difficult to keep track of, you can always sign up for the RSS feed so you are sure to get all the latest posts when they are published.

Happy exploring!

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