Explorations Support Team

There is no way to list every person or business who has been instrumental in the success of Essential Explorations. Therefore, here is a short, non-comprehensive list of some of the amazing contributors thus far:

Logo and Business Card Design

Tempest at OwlKeyMe Arts created the fabulous little owl explorer logo for Essential Explorations. She is fun to work with, is intuitive and visionary, and has a unique and interesting style. Check out her paintings, drawings, mixed media, graphic arts, and jewelry (among other artistic endeavors) at the OwlKeyMe Arts website.

Troubleshooting Website and Other Tech Issues

Jeremy Stroud of Jive Consulting saved the day when I experienced “white screen of death” in mid-2014. His web design knowledge was incredibly helpful in narrowing down the possible problems to troubleshoot the issue. After implementing his advice, I had my website back up in no time.

Jessica Carey of eat sleep breathe code is helping me with all those ever-changing SEO rules and guidelines, making sure my website is functional, helping with troublesome plugins, and generally being awesome explorations support.

Guest Writers for the News and How-Tos

Watch out for more fascinating articles to come! We will be keeping with our goal of having a diversity of perspectives and industry representation, so expect surprises (yes, expect the unexpected!).

Cheerleader, Networking Enthusiast, and Occasional Co-Facilitator

Jennifer Fenton is co-owner of Fenton Studios, a handmade and custom jewelry business. She is also a talented, knowledgeable Librarian-turned-Director of the Resource Center for the Washington State School for the Blind. And more recently her explorations support has been as a co-explorer of topics such as change, leadership, and innovation. Check out her blog for more on innovation, creativity, and leadership in libraries!