Values and Ethics

Values and Ethical Guidelines

I belong to diverse, yet interdependent communities of professionals whose practices are based on the applied behavioral sciences and other relevant sciences, systems perspectives, both human and organizational values, and the value of living systems. I serve people at all system levels, ranging from individuals to groups to organizations, communities, and the global context. I believe that humans and human systems are interdependent economically, politically, socially, culturally, ecologically, and spiritually, and that their mutual effectiveness is grounded in fundamental principles which are reflected in the essential values and ethics that guide my practice.


I acknowledge the fundamental importance of the following values:

  • quality of life – whole life satisfaction (e.g. satisfaction at work as well as home), and consideration of the quality of life for other humans and non-human life;
  • health, human potential, empowerment, growth and excellence – freedom to lead healthy lives, aware of the fullness of their own potential, recognizing their power to bring that potential into being, growing, and doing the best they can, individually and collectively;
  • freedom and responsibility – freedom and responsibility to choose how to live their lives;
  • justice – leading lives whose results are fair and just for all human systems and other living systems;
  • dignity, integrity, worth and fundamental rights of individuals, organizations, communities, societies, and other living systems;
  • all-win attitudes and cooperation – caring about one another and working together to achieve results that work for everyone, individually and collectively;
  • authenticity and openness in relationships;
  • effectiveness, efficiency and alignment – achieving maximum desired results, at minimum cost, in ways that coordinate individual energies and purposes with those of the subsystems of which they are parts, and the larger systems that serve as their context;
  • holistic, systemic view and stakeholder orientation – understanding human behavior from the perspective of whole system(s) that influence and are influenced by that behavior; recognizing the interests that different people have in the system´s results and valuing those interests fairly and justly;
  • wide participation in system affairs, confrontation of issues leading to effective problem solving, and participative decision making.

Ethical Guidelines

I commit myself to supporting and acting in accordance with the following ethical guidelines:

  • Responsibility to Self
    • Act with integrity; be authentic and true to my quirky self.
    • Strive continually for self-knowledge and personal growth.
    • Assert my own economic and financial interests in ways that are fair.
    • Accept responsibility for the consequences of my actions; make reasonable efforts to ensure that my services are properly used; terminate services if not properly used and do what I can to see that any abuses are corrected.
    • Strive to achieve and maintain competence by developing the full range of my abilities and establishing collegial relationships with other professionals.
    • Recognize my own personal needs and desires and deal with them responsibly in the performance of my professional roles.
    • Practice within the limits of my competence in providing services, including cultural limitations.
  • Responsibility to clients, human systems, and ecological systems
    • Serve the long-term well-being, interests, and development of the client system and all its stakeholders, even when the work being done has a short-term focus.
    • Conduct any professional activity, program or relationship in ways that are honest, responsible, and appropriately open.
    • Establish mutual agreement on a contract covering services and payment.
    • Deal with conflicts constructively and avoid conflicts of interest.
    • Protect the confidentiality of my clients.
    • Act with sensitivity to the fact that my presence, recommendations, and actions may impact people within my client systems and their larger context.
    • Act with awareness of the cultural filters which affect my view of the world, respect cultures different from my own, and be sensitive to cross-cultural and multi-cultural differences and their implications.
    • Promote justice and serve the well-being of all humans, human systems, and other living systems to the extent of my abilities.




Last Updated: 05/25/2014