Essential Explorations is here as your partner in discovery, to help you get unstuck. We are here to facilitate your discovery, taking you from amazing “aha” moments to an action plan you can actually take action on.

You have a purpose and drive. Essential Explorations will help you create the change you want to see, all the way from “aha” to action.

What is your story and what has you stuck?

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Essential Explorations offers customized services to fit your needs. Some examples are: Essential Workshops, Research and Analysis, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Perspective-Shifting, and Time Travel.

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Types of Stuckness

Stuck on the Hamster Wheel

The Hamster Wheel

Do you find yourself spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast? Do you keep coming up against the same problem over and over again, no matter how much energy you put into resolving it?

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Short and Sweet

I’ll keep this short and sweet. The whirlwind of life swept me up and I have been swirling around in my own major change experience for a while now. I have not officially closed Essential Explorations because I haven’t had the heart to do so. I am also still available for small projects, so feel free to reach out to […]

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Essential Explorations focuses on the following essentials:

If you are suffering from stuckness, internal insight is the place to start getting unstuck. According to Margaret Wheatley, in her book Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World, “if a system is suffering, this indicates that it lacks sufficient access to itself. It might be lacking information, it might have lost clarity about who it is, it might have troubled relationships, it might be ignoring those who have valuable insights” (p. 145). This applies to systems as small as an individual person or as large as the largest corporation or country. When a system loses sight of its identity, values, or relationship to its context it is either stuck or on its way to becoming stuck.

Internal Insight is the insight that comes from exploring values, historical patterns, and driving forces. This is the first step in getting unstuck: regaining access to your self and to your decision-making processes so you can make intentional and purposeful decisions for moving forward.

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This is the next stage to getting unstuck. Not only do you need to know who you are, but you need to know your context. Where are you in space and time? What is happening in your industry? What is happening in your community and larger environment? Who are the key players in your context? And what forces may constrain versus bolster your progress?

External Awareness is the awareness that comes from exploring contextual supports, limitations, and other factors. It is everything outside of your span of responsibility/control that may impact the change effort.

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Taking the first two steps into more depth and expanding them into the future, we move into Visioning and Futuring. Although both Visioning and Futuring deal with the future, they each approach it from different directions and angles, and it is important to have both simultaneously.

Thus, Future Vision combines both Visioning and Futuring to create a Vision for the future, one that is grounded in reality and still reaches for ideals. Visioning is an inside-out process, where you create a Vision for the future based on the insights derived from the internal insights exercises. Futuring is an outside-in process, where you create a Vision for the future based on the awareness derived from the external awareness exercises. It is not nearly as linear as it sounds because the Vision would not come together as a cohesive whole if each piece was done in a vacuum. Thus, a back-and-forth process occurs, utilizing multiple vantage points to create a Vision that is both feasible and inspirational.

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This step occurs in tandem with the prior steps and can continue on past those steps. Research can focus on internal structures, processes, and functions. It can focus on external information, such as industry trends and benchmarks, local constraints, and so forth. Ideally, research would occur for both internal and external factors.

Research and Analysis is meant to help create a more complete picture, and includes collecting more data, looking at different perspectives, and considering the inconsiderable.

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There is planning, and then there is strategic planning. All of the steps leading up to this point help to provide the necessary elements for a truly strategic plan to get out of stuckness. Armed with information about yourself, your system, your context, and your Vision, you can get to the business of creating a plan to reach that Future Vision.

Strategic Planning includes creating a strategy for reaching the Future Vision, with sub-goals, a timeline, and checking to make sure it fits within your larger plans. Additionally, it is important to create contingency plans, set up checkpoints in the timeline to make adjustments to the plan as needed, and maintain flexibility because nothing goes exactly as planned.

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The end result of our work together is for you to become unstuck and get back to doing what you do best (or doing something entirely new and amazing). Essential Explorations is here to help you get unstuck and moving forward, whether you need a small nudge or a big boost. The rest is up to you. I am excited and honored to help you get started on the next chapter in your story.

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What are Essential Explorations?

Essential Explorations was founded on the principle that any lasting change must come from a solid understanding of self and context. What does that mean? It means exploring the essential elements and relevant history of the individual, team, or organization hoping to make a change. And it means exploring the essential elements of the context in which those changes will be happening, thus determining constraining forces and bolstering forces that may impact the success of the change. Essential Explorations is about getting unstuck by exploring what matters. It is about understanding who you are as an individual, team, or organization, knowing what changes you want and need to make, and enabling movement out of stuckness in order to make it happen.

You have important contributions to make to the world. Essential Explorations will enable you to move forward with doing just that.


To catalyze unstuckness, enabling people and organizations to move forward with the important contributions they have to share with the world.


All humans and human systems (businesses, non-profits, etc) have unique innovations and gifts to contribute to the world. By catalyzing unstuckness, we stimulate cascading processes that lead to flourishing, purpose-filled lives.

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